It’s all Business…

Nobody is ever doing you a favor.  Somehow, (off of your hard work) the person that is “helping you”is #winning.  When it comes to business, let it be just that, business.  I have made some mistakes business wise and I wrote this blog to hopefully steer you clear of some of the stuff I went through.

  1. 1. If you made it,…I mean you came up with and its YOUR “brainchild”… it’s yours!!!  NEVER let them take YOUR name off of your product..If (and only if) the parties agree a name can be ADDED but not subtracted.  If by happenstance, both parties agree to an substantial monetary amount to turn over all rights …it must be in writing, or more than likely you are going to get duped…again, ain’t nobody doing a favor for you

2. There is NEVER something you do for free ( without the value being added back) If a major artist asks you to sing with them, but they are not paying…you             should ask “Why” ( see #1)

3. NO ONE is your “friend” in the world of business…even your family.  To safe guard you and your generations always insist that you would feel more “                        comfortable “ if something was on paper…for the both of us”.

One tidbit I would recommend when doing business is do YOUR homework.  Don’t be smoothed over by him and his business team.  Find out where they are from, how local people perceive him, Google the person, do your due diligence…because I am quite sure they are checking you out.

Be wise and hire an attorney with a good track record (receipts).  It was once said that a great negation ends when both parties walk away feeling like they both gave a little bit…I wish you the best success.



It’s ALL business…

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