Be You

You literally are one of a kind (unless you are a twin)

Even with a twin, your being is a whole separate entity …your opinion or viewpoint is what makes you super special.  But your life experiences, your pains, your disappointments make you uniquely fitted for the goal in life you desire to achieve.  Now here is a little algebra, each component in the equation can create a different result if altered.  Let the moments in your pass define u not limit you.  Be You

Your gift or talent is like a peach cobbler, some people will use more cinnamon or butter or cut their peaches different but the end result is their own beautiful cobbler…let your life produce your cobbler.  I can guarantee, if you focus and harness the sting of hurt and disappointment  into your book,song,or whatever, it will produce a unique experience from your all new Mona Lisa…of sorts…


You are wonderfully and beautifully made.




Be You

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