First of all, my last name is Allen…which is Nella spelled backward (mystery solved!!).  I thought I would do something different with my name since there are a KABILLION Allens in the world and music industry.  I made my stage name different bc when I am on stage I am different,  I move and act different…on stage I am laser focused and ready to go.  However, I thought I would share what has made me Nella.  At a very young age I knew I loved music.  I was lucky enough to live in the Vinyl Album period..Stereophonic, baby.  The warmth of vinyl to me is the best sound in the world.  I studied the sounds of all the great lead men: Eddie Kendrick, Smokie Robinson, Teddy Pendergrass, and Al Green.  I gathered one thing: They really FELT what they sang…therefore, YOU could feel it too when you listened.


I watched every move and gesture these men did and bare witness to their conviction.  This was my lifelong dream, so emulation was my way of making sure every little nuance was preserved.  But more than anything, the way they sang is what I carry with me today….they taught me  NEVER sing from your head, only from your heart.  So if you are checking me out online in a YouTube Video, an online concert with Concert Window, or catching me live, you are guaranteed to get a show where I leave it ALLL on the stage.


That’s the ONLY way that I know how to do it…THAT’s called “The Nella Experience”…


All aboard and welcome!!



What made Nella “NELLA?”

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